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Blue Valley Pond

Winding through the Blue Valley Recreation Area is a beautiful pond, home to a variety of plants and wildlife, including ducks, turtles, fish, and even the occasional great blue heron. It is part of the amenity area which welcomes residents to walk, play, picnic,and grill.

Fishing is fine. Dogs like to swim in the water too. But it is not a good idea for people to drink it or swim in it.

Please do not let your dogs chase the ducks as it is be easy to injure or kill them. We have lost FOUR of these animals, in less than 2 years, due to people letting their dogs behave badly.

There is a dog waste station with bags and trash container. Please use it to clean up after your pet.

The pond is professionally managed to maintain its natural beauty. Four aerators insure that the water moves and oxygen is mixed regularly to maintain a healthy balance. Dye is added routinely, as are some chemicals, to help decompose vegetation and animal waste, thus helping the water maintain a healthy chemical balance.