ARC Request Form

Marshall Heights Homeowners Association Architectural Improvement Application & Review Form

Do not submit this form if:

• Your house is already painted under the current paint scheme and you are simply repainting per the guidelines.
• You are adding a storm door which complies with style and color requirements.
• You are replacing your roof and using the existing color.
• You are replacing your siding and using one of the two approved siding colors.
• You are doing professional landscaping around your unit.

You must submit this form for all other architectural changes to your house. This process requires a minimum of five days for consideration and approval. No work can begin until approval is received. Owner is responsible for removing/undoing unapproved work.

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Nature of improvement:
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I am requesting to use the following core color on my home:
Sea Serpent (SW-7615):
Tricorn Black (SW-6258):
Sundried Tomato (SW-7585):
French Roast (SW-6069):
Color of Adjacent Home #1 *:
Color of Adjacent Home #2 *:
If color is old and not listed above, please describe here:
Provide other information that will help explain your request (location, dimensions, material, etc.).:
* Please attach a sketch or photo for all major improvements.
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