* Hallmark HomeownersAssoc Meetings:  Are held at 7:30 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except Dec) at the Flower Hill Community Center


* Trash Collection:  Occurs on Monday & Thursday.  Hallmark pays a private contractor for trash collection.  Note that no collection will occur on Dec 25 or Jan 1, if those dates occur on a Monday or Thursday.


* Recycling & Yard Trim Pickup:  Pickups occur on Mondays by Montgomery County.  Refer to the Montgomery County schedule for pickup dates with holiday conflicts.  The county may shift pickup days when holiday conflicts occur.  If a holiday conflict occurs, refer to the Montgomery County Recycling website here for pickup date deviations:   

Recycling and Trash Service at your single-familyhome - Montgomery County, Maryland









Recycling and Trash Service at your single-family home -...

Details about County-provided recycling and trash service at your single-family and townhouse in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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