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Monday, 07/01/2002

BUSINESS IN GWINNETT: Still a man on the move
Suwanee's Climer clings to a hands-on approach


With every moving job he does, Ronnie Climer packs up a lot of the
homeowner's memories.

So at times, he's had to be a mover first, a grief counselor second.

"I feel like my customers come to me because I'm on the truck,"
Climer said. "I'm taking care of their furniture, installing stuff like
ice-makers, hooking up their stereo for them. If anything needs to be
done, I do it. It's just an extra special touch."

Climer, owner of Climer Moving in Suwanee, has been in the
business for more than 25 years. And for the past 20 years, he's been
there at every job. If his name is on the truck, he says, he wants to
make sure that the job is done properly.

A former DeKalb County firefighter, Climer started in the
business just to pick up some extra money. Finding a huge demand,
he started making more money moving furniture than fighting fires.
At one time, he had several firefighters filling in on their off days, but
for the past decade or so, he's had two steady movers, Isiah Brown
and Matthew Walters.

Climer, who said he has rejected numerous buyout offers from
larger firms, wants to keep the family-run business small enough so
that he can continue going on every job. His wife, Alicia, manages the

"I can't be on three or four trucks at one time. I'm just one man,"
Climer said. "I have one truck, my steady men, and we go out and hit
the road every morning. We would expand, but I just don't think the
service would be the same as it is with my regular guys and me."

Unlike when Climer started moving in 1976, there are a lot of
smaller companies today, he said. But he advises consumers to make
sure companies they hire are licensed by the Public Service

"There's competition out there, but it's unqualified competition,"
Climer said. "I've heard some disaster stories. I learned everything the
hard way, and I feel like I know a good bit about the business. I'm
nobody special. I've just been in the community for a lot of years."

Climer Moving accepts jobs anywhere in the state of Georgia.

For more information, call Climer Moving at 770-932-1130 or
visit the Web site at www.climermoving.com.